KOA Uniform Policy

KOA Uniform Policy


To ensure a consistent and professional visibility of KOA owners and staff across all KOA


Uniform Shirt Standards:

Language used in the brand support section of the Quality Review Manual is: "All KOA staff (including owner and manager) wears clean, KOA-approved yellow 109 uniform shirts with proper logo and an easy-to-read, nametag. Embroidered names on the uniform shirts can be substituted for nametags."

KOA - Approved Uniform Shirts:

- Yellow t-shirts

- Yellow men's polo-style shirt

- Yellow men's polo-style shirt with pocket

- Yellow women's polo-style shirt

- Long- and short-sleeve, buttoned uniform shirts


KOA approved uniform shirts must meet the following minimum requirements:

- Minimum stitch count for logo and tagline embroidering on shirts: 7,000 stitches.

- Yellow: PMS 109 - to be matched up with PMS color chips

- Fabric requirements for polo-style shirts:

- 6.8 oz. 100% cotton or 80% cotton/20% polyester

- Style: pique


The KOA logo is embroidered on left breast area of the shirt in the following minimum

dimensions, with "KOA.com" on the right sleeve.


Required KOA.com font: GoodDog Plain, 5-color.

Refer to KOA Styleguide for other usage details.

Embroidery sizes:

- Logo: 1 7/16" wide by 1 1/2" high


Uniform Policy Exceptions:

KOA will provide an exception to this policy for individual KOA Kampgrounds that have special circumstances such as location or a property theme that warrants special consideration from KOA, Inc.

Exceptions will be granted only to the location making the request provided that the proposed uniform shirt meets the guidelines above and these two additional guidelines:

A) Shirt pattern has at least 50% KOA yellow (PMS 109).

B) KOA logo must be embroidered on to left breast of shirt and meets the same specs we used on the polo-style and long- and short-sleeve yellow uniform shirts.


Communicating This Policy:

Going forward, KOA Merchandise will manage and communicate KOA approved uniform shirts that qualify a campground for the President's Award. If a KOA desires to deviate from our standard polo-style shirts or long- or short-sleeve yellow t-shirts, it will require approval from the Merchandise Dept. in order to meet the President's Award requirement.


Sales of Uniform Shirts:

A) Sales and fulfillment of our t-shirts, polo-style shirts, long- and short-sleeve buttoned shirts are handled by Graphic Imprints.

B) Uniform shirts are not to be sold directly to campers by KOA, Inc. or by KOA Kampgrounds. However, they may be awarded as prizes or given away as gifts.

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